Aaron McGruder = Bill Cosby? Yes!

I love it when a writer puts into words what I’m feeling in my heart, but can’t express. It’s the reason why I read so much.

Bomani did that for me this week. He had this to say about The Boondocks episode that ends with a resusitated Martin Luther King in modern times chiding a crowd of partying Black people:

But what got me more than anything was the hateful, disdainful way that “nigga” was used. I’ve always maintained that people make much to big a deal of the way black people use the word, but I’ve got to rethink that. It seems that I made a mistake that I punish others for making–ascribing my views to the rest of the world.

Silly me, I thought that folks that used the word with the same frequency as I do were thinking the same way as I did. Yanno, I figured those folks had taken some level of control over the term and were not using it as a way of battering black people. And somehow, I figured I had an idealogue in Aaron McGruder.

Clearly, I do not.

Me neither. I use “nigga” as a term of endearment. Boondocks creator Aaron McGruder wrote it in as a slur to put down lower class Black people. That’s a straight Bill Cosby move.

I remember watching one of Chris Rock’s comedy routines where he said there’s a difference between Black people and niggas. I loved his show, but that’s where I stopped laughing.

Byron Crawford adds to the conversation on his site.

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