Grills Can Cause Damage To Teeth


Patient: Doctor, every time I wear my grill my gums hurt. What should I do?
Doctor: Stop wearing your grill!

That sums up this MSNBC article on the dangers of wearing grills , or as they call it, “removable metal fixtures” for the teeth. According to dentists, grills can trap bacteria that cause gum infections and cavities. Your best bet is to brush before and after wearing a grill, and even brush the grill itself. And no, brushing your teeth while still wearing your grill doesn’t count.

The whole article is tongue-in-cheek hilarious, but you have to click through to MSNBC’s poll to get to the real comedy:

Is wearing dental bling worth the damage it could do to your teeth?

  1. Hell to the no. Messing up my teeth is too high a cost.
  2. Depends, if I got my grill up in there for just a few hours a day, I’m not that worried.
  3. Tru dat. It’s totally worth it to look that dope.

Yes, tru dat!