Juelz Santana- What The Game’s Been Missing

I got some issues with The Carter Administration at Def Jam. Why isn’t Jay-Z putting more support behind this album:

SOHH says this about Juelz Santana :

Despite a healthy buzz and strong showings with his own “There It Go”(Whistle Song) and a verse on Chris Brown’s “Run It,” The Diplomats’ young gun free falls 61% and 14 positions to #23- selling 55,713 CDs.

And let’s not forget the videos Juelz paid for himself, his several promotional mixtapes , and even the Dipset hotline.

So why isn’t the boss giving this disc the same push as Young Jeezy’s? Is it because of the cold war he’s got going with Dipset’s Cam’ron? If so, then that’s bad business, man and I don’t respect Jigga on this one.

I’ve heard the album and your boy’s swagger and slang is ridiculous on it. It’s such fun music to listen to- I’m sure with the right push the kids will love this album and make it platinum, or at least gold.

But, it will take the right push. Jay-Z needs to put aside the pettiness and make that money. I blame his influence for Cam’s soft sales, and now he’s doing the same to Juelz.

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